The Niagara Community Garden Network is a program offered by United Way Niagara to support and expand community gardening in the Niagara region.

Gardens strengthen communities and grow social connectedness, enhance access to healthy affordable food and promote overall health and wellbeing.


The Garden Network serves as a hub of the garden community by:

  • connecting garden coordinators, volunteers and gardeners to one another to share, support and learn from each other through hosting regular meetings, workshops and events
  • providing resources and supports to residents and organizations to start, maintain or participate in community gardens
  • promoting residents to find garden space through our interactive garden directory and map
  • advocating on behalf of gardens to the broader public, local businesses and governments through raising awareness about the benefits of gardens, recommending best practices and supporting policy and resource development


We hope these resources are useful for planting seeds in your community and harvesting the many benefits of gardens!


find space to grow
start a community garden
Garden coord and volunteering
DEI Gardens
Gardening info
children youth gardening