Niagara Community Garden Network is a collaborative network of local food security leaders working together to build thriving community gardens.

We believe growing and sharing food can transform communities and address environmental, health and social issues.  We seek to empower people of all ages to learn to grow their own food. 

We offer our communities garden space, tools, seeds, seedlings, and educational resources for people to grow their own healthy food. 

We believe everyone deserves to easily access nutritious and affordable healthy food.

Fresh organic vegetables. Food background. Healthy food from garden

Community Gardens

Gardens are important community hubs where people grow food but also learn, experiment, share, connect and develop self-sufficiency. Many gardeners grow food not only for themselves and their families, but also give back by donating excess produce to local food banks and programs to help those in need.

Our Members

Our members include nonprofit agencies, schools and childcare centres, public libraries, churches, neighbourhood groups and community members working together to grow healthy, nutritious food. Together we offer over 600 garden plots across Niagara.


Get Involved

Our garden programs welcome involvement from the community! Get involved by volunteering your time at the gardens, with events, by sharing your knowledge or with program admin.

Our Sponsors

We rely on sponsorship from local community members and businesses. Our gardens are always in need of things like garden tools, compost and soil, mulch, tomato cages, stakes, trellises, pots and plants.